My Experiences

Are you like me one of the many who live with the restrictive illness of agoraphobia? Do you dread each day getting out of bed to face yet another day feeling there’s no point to the day when you are confined to the four walls around you?

Maybe you are able to go places if you are accompanied, or you can feel safe sitting in a car. Maybe you can go short distances alone or have places, which you feel “safe” or maybe, like me, you are completely housebound.

Whatever level of agoraphobia you may be living with it can leave you feeling alone, misunderstood, absolutely panic stricken, full of fear. Some may suffer other illnesses, which accompany agoraphobia such as Anorexia Nervosa, social phobias, panic attacks, etc. Another feeling we can go through is guilt. Guilt at not being able to accompany our children or partners places.

We can feel social outcasts, as the world outside seems to continue in its momentum whilst the world for us stands still. We may feel so desperately lonely and yet fear people visiting us. Well, these are some of the feelings I myself feel and I wondered if others in the same boat may find comfort in contacting people who can really understand because we are in the same predicament. Telephone contact can seem threatening whereas to email can feel safer and unobtrusive.

There are so many reasons why we may have come to feel so unsafe in the big outside world so I was hoping that through an email network we can offer support, empathy and understanding to one another. I would value your views and will try to accommodate them into some form of self-help support.