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The agoraphobia support network has one main intention, to create an environment where agoraphobics may no longer feel alone and isolated within the confinement of their homes, with an illness that few people really understand unless they themselves have been there. I set up the agoraphobia support network as I personally feel it would be beneficial to talk to others who are living this daily hell so maybe people who have overcome or are moving forward though this illness could also come online and help others by sharing how they have overcome/are overcoming the daily struggles of agoraphobia.

If you suffer from agoraphobia or know someone who suffers from agoraphobia and would like help, advice, or information please email using the Contact Us” link on the left hand side. Information received is strictly confidential and is not disclosed to anyone outside of the Agoraphobia Support Network.

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We also want to share our friendly project. Web site SpinalStenosis.Doctor dedicated to the disease of the back and spine on which you will find answers to many questions.

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